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Friars Cottage


The Hisory of Our Cottage


Friars Cottage is named after Friars Crag, a small rocky promontory on Derwentwater that can be reached by a very short stroll from the centre of Keswick. The origins of the name go back to the 7th Century. One of the islands in Derwentwater is called St Herbert's Island after the hermit monk who found it an ideal location for a life of prayer and meditation. Herbert made his home on the island, and monks bringing him supplies would signal to him from the Crag that became known as Friars Crag. Herbert was a disciple and good friend of St Cuthbert, the bishop of Lindisfarne and one of the principal characters in the history of Christianity in the North of England. Every year Herbert would leave his island and visit Cuthbert to receive his blessing. Legend has it that when Cuthbert predicted his own death, Herbert was so upset that he asked to be taken at the same time, a wish that was granted when both Herbert and Cuthbert died on the same day - 13th April 687AD. After Herbert's death, his island became a place of pilgrimage for monks who would row across from Friars Crag to pay homage to the saint at his small chapel. Our cottage is located on St Herbert's Street, and takes its name from Friars Crag.

"St Herbert hither came, And here for many seasons, from the world Removed, and the affections of the world, He dwelt in solitude. "

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